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Welcome to Santa's Clarita's Home Dog Training solution!
My name is Scott Beckman. The Dog Training methods I teach have been successful for over 35 years educating pet parents and solving canine behavioral issues. I have successfully trained over 2,500 dogs and their human families around  Santa Clarita and the surrounding valleys using all-natural, dog-friendly techniques.
Training all dogs. Any Age! Any Breed! Any problem! Check out my dog training packages.

Puppy  School  911

Need some help with your little pooping, peeing, chewing, biting fluffy new puppy? I can help! Check out my Private Puppy School now!
This one on one, in your home puppy class covers all the things you really want control over right now! This is NOT a group class, this is a personal puppy training school in your home covering the issues you are having with YOUR puppy like: nipping, stealing, potty training, jumping up, barking, crying, whining and over all house boundaries. Click here for puppy school prices and to learn more.

No Treats!

No prong collars! No shock collars! No Physical Punishment what so ever!

I use positive methods to create positive results. We educate and guide our dogs in a manner our pups understand using canine communication — body language and vocal tones.
Significant experience working with dogs of all ages, eight weeks - 16+ years.
Significant experience solving serious problems such as aggression, separation anxiety and sibling rivalry.
Significant experience solving issues like jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, counter surfing, digging, mouthing/nipping and toilet training.
It would be my pleasure to help you and your canine companion!

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Are you losing the battle?

I can help...

​For nearly 15 years now I have been teaching people in Santa Clarita in their own homes my dog training system, by utilizing pack leadership techniques through canine Communication.  One on one I will teach you the proper voice tones-and body language that puppys and dogs always use to communicate with each other. It's a very simple yet powerful system of communication that just about anyone can master. If your dog understands what you want, she will WANT to make you happy and follow your rules. It's just that easy. Sound to good to be true? Read my YELP reviews when you get a chance, you will see people that were having the same kind of issues you are having with your dog, happy they contacted me. I can help you too.

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Learn Canine Communication

Never harsh, the techniques are simple and effective and no, I DO NOT use TREATS, shock collars or any physical punishment.
That's right.....No treats, either. After all, the leader of a pack does not need to treat a pack member with a “cookie” to get him to behave, right?
No harsh moves like “alpha rolling.” Like I said before, this is not a harsh dog training system. I’ll leave alpha rolling for the TV dog trainers.
A balanced system that works almost immediately because your dog already knows pack law . . . and I will teach it to you.
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  • Free Behavior Test Here
​What you feed your dog can effect her behavior, health and life. I recommend Life's Abundance Grain Free Food.

Does it Really Work?

Read What others Are Saying:

​Scott is a wonderful trainer and he definitely knows what he's doing! When our then 4 month old husky/pitbull puppy would "play" with us it felt like she was attacking us. She was very aggressive and bit us everywhere really hard. We couldn't make her stop and that was our biggest concern. In our first session, Scott addressed a bunch of our problem areas including the "play biting", jumping, keeping boundaries in the house and at the front door, and running away with items in her mouth that she's not supposed to have. After this ONE session we saw significant improvements right away! It was amazing to witness. Our girl listens so much better now and is well-behaved. She was a nightmare before we started training with Scott. We recently started training her to walk on her leash. Within the first minute of this session we saw her actually walking instead of sprinting and having us be dragged by her. It was miracle! Scott has helped us understand why our puppy behaved the way she did and has taught us how to respond in a way she understands. We're so thankful for Scott's amazing help!
​Scott is very professional and pleasant to work with.  Our "Oliver" responded very quickly.  I am excited to see his progress i just one day.  looking forward to working with Scott and Oliver !  I am so so happy I took the first step and called Scott.  I look forward to a much happier home and puppy!
Scott was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking to build a good relationship with their dog

Jumping.Barking.Leash Pulling. Obedience. Potty Training. Door Boundaries. Digging.Digging.Chewing.
Nipping.Mouthing. Separation Anxiety.Aggression. Adult Dogs. Puppy School. Any Age-Any Issue!

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